"Hum Dosto Ko Bholtay Nahin." Starting a smartphone journey with such a slogan matters a lot. Advance Telecom parts Pakistan’s second best smartphone company Rivo. Although it’s a new name in the industry Rivo has changed the smartphone scenario of Pakistan within no time to spare.

Once there was a time that Local cell phone maker Qmobile has the reign of smartphone industry in its hands but soon after the launch of Rivo mobiles, Qmobiles reign over the smartphone industry is almost over. It’s nearly two or three years back right from now when for the first time we watched an advertisement on TV about a new handset.

The device carried the monogram of Rivo. Since then we have seen so many credible products coming out from Rivo platform which are compact, handy and attractive. Impressively, Rivo has been graded the most powerful and innovative smartphone company than anybody else. Rivo smartphones specifications and features are marvelous, and the notable thing is the Rivo price in Pakistan.

Although it’s the begging of a new era by an entirely new smartphone company, it looks like that Rivo has grabbed the attentions of every then and now. The company has unveiled a variety of so many heart grabbing devices into the smartphone sector until now. Each time we see a new device from Rivo, we find that very device a top notch mobile.

To date, we have three different portfolios of names the company Offers. The master series is Rivo PHANTOM series, and then comes Rivo RHYTHM series and the last one is Rivo know as Rivo feature mobiles. Surprisingly, all the brands are innovative, durable, compact and stylish