Lenovo Mobile Price in Pakistan

Lenovo an incredible name in the smartphone business.It is Chinees Company. Lenovo entered the cell phone market to advertise in 2012 and later on in 2014 became one of the best sellers of advanced mobile phones in China. Lenovo has operations in more than 60 countries.

Lenovo has adopted aggressive behavior against Samsung Mobiles in China. They spent $793.5 million in Wuhan for producing 30 to 40 millions phones per year. See Detail here.

Some recent series announced by Lenovo include "K, Vibe, Zuk". All series were equipped with latest features such as USB, wifi, Bluetooth, Enhanced OS experience, Processing power, RAM and internal space.

The Company has started entering market one by one. Yang said Lenovo is pursuing this strategy due to its thin pre-tax profit margin of only 2.6%. He said, "If you don’t have enough scale, if you don’t have enough volume, it’s hard to make money. If you don’t have enough market share, it’s hard to make money," Yuanqing says".

Lenovo Mobile Price in Pakistan compared to other cell makers are comparatively lower. Lenovo latest models have same specs and features as of Qmobile, Samsung, Huawei. The only difference is their price.