InnJoo is a brand new smartphone making company which operates from Dubai. The company has come up very fast on the face of smartphone planet with a ton of variety on board. The company has recently started its journey and since then its products are widely loved worldwide. The company initially began manufacturing smartphones of odd variety but soon after the company made its way to Android tablets even.
The unbelievable and perhaps the notable thing is the different variety of smartphones having impressive specifications and credible features. Although InnJoo is renowned with its durable and stylish products, its products price in Pakistan tags is always in everybody’s reach. This is how a vast majority of Pakistani smartphone geeks love InnJoo products.
Right now InnJoo has started manufacturing smart LED TVs even which is a milestone for the company. Else what, company’s smartphone products include, InnJoo Fire series smartphones, InnJoo Halo series smartphones, InnJoo Flagship smartphones and InnJoo Max series smartphones.
On the part of tablets, well, the company has gone for mere two flagships. It is InnJoo F series tablets and InnJoo Intel series tablets. Presently InnJoo is serving many smartphone renowned countries like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, Spain, Kenya, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates. The company is ambitious to expand its span of excellent products to so many other smartphone loving countries.