Calme as the name portrays belongs to some innovation and offers its users affordability and reliability in its brands. In a few months after its existence in the business sector, company has brought some outstanding brands some different specifications, size, and empowerments. This is a local mobile phone brand of Pakistan which has have been enlisted as a top cellphone brand around. Most innovative and advanced brands by Calme are everybody’s prime choices. What makes Calme products a bit more distinguished is the affordable price in Pakistan.


In the catalogue of Calme mobile you can access brands of your choice which includes some powerful smartphone, expected tablets phones, touch-screen handsets, bar-phones and QWERTY handset which can be of different configurations and may have onboard latest of wireless modules like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G technologies. All the gadgets are operative with all latest OS versions available and are categorized as handsets with some unbeaten price in Pakistan.