Alcatel is a smartphone company which established back in 2004 as a commitment between Alcatel-Lucent which is located in France and TCL Communication of China. TCL, later on, has been converted to large Electronic like TVs, LCDs, and LEDs. Since the joint name, Alcatel has done remarkably well in the field of smartphones. They are the leading smartphone makers inside and outside China.

Impressively, the company has earned a remarkable reputation within no time and exceptional revenue as well. Alcatel has recently made entry into Pakistani smartphone industry with its impressive smartphone series. Latest models have decent specs which are need of the current hour and are accessible at very reasonable price in Pakistan tags.

Company’s few products are marginally highly-priced devices, but if we somewhat compared the products with other world’s renowned smartphones, we can easily make it out that despite the fact that Alcatel products are the high products yet their prices in Pakistan are much reduced compared to other company’ products. Although it is a new launch in the Pakistan, Alcatel seems to be a fierce competitor to so many existing smartphone vendors, especially the locals.

Right now, company is manufacturing a large variety of smartphones and different type of Tablets as well. Future planning of the company depicts that they are interested in laptops and things like that. Alcatel’s PIXI, POP UP and IDOL series are the famous most and loved most. Where as Alcatel product’s specifications and features are concerned, well, all the devices are high end and credible. Future prophesiers predict that Alcatel soon is going to be Pakistan’s favorite most smartphone brand.